Joe Hisaishi
A Symphonic Celebration
10/16/2023        Written by Wen Chang
It has been five months since I found myself officially unemployed in the midst of the chaotic and uncertain year of 2023 (and the situation continues... 😟). So, what have I been up to during this time of joblessness? Have I been learning the intricacies of UI/UX design, revamping my resume and portfolio, attending design events, diving into books, or committing to a fitness routine? Yes, I've been doing all these things. Aside from all these things I needed to do and things that  provided solace to my anxious mind, I have reignited my passion for music, and it motivated me to pick up my camera and start filming.

After I sent a bunch of footages to my friend, she told me this. “You should post these somewhere, and it could become a series or st.!”
And that’s the idea that brought this project to light.  I want to capture the auditory through a visual lens. I want to document the moment that music accompanied me when I felt depressed, hopelessness, or simply moments of joy. Instead of feeling like a time of loss, I wanna make this time became an opportunity for me to find fulfillment. Also, maybe, in the future, you will share the music that is crucial or charitable to you and share your story with me; but first, let’s see how far this project goes.
So~ without further ado, it’s that time when Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement again! And you know it’s time to rewind those masterpieces from him and his long-term partnership with composer Joe Hisaishi, fueled with imagination, artistic sensibility, and a touch of Humanity. The melodies from A Symphonic Celebration brought me warmth at a time when everything seemed dull to me.
The symphony itself is not just about the character in the film but a feeling, an emotion that resonates with people. It was not until I grew older I wouldn't noticed how music is so crucial for a film or a video. And how, without a film, the music can still stand on its own. It shines as it has emotion.

Anyway, grab a cup of tea and sip, find a cozy spot, bask in the afternoon sunshine, the mist of the city, wherever you may be enjoying the album!